Suggested Extra Meals

Real Food Weekly offers enough recipes per meal plan to keep you busy, but if you need some extra help planning every meal of the week, here are some suggestions for extra meals. Make sure you add the extra ingredients to your shopping list!



eggs, bacon or sausage and toast with butter

breakfast smoothies

“Weekend Specials” (all made from scratch, of course):

eggs benedict

sourdough french toast


einkorn pancakes




chicken and vegetable soup with homemade chicken stock

mixed vegetable salads with leftover meats, hard-boiled eggs, cheese and homemade salad dressings*

rice and beans with steamed vegetables on the side



Tacos with Homemade Tortillas

Pizza or Pasta Night- We like to have a pizza or pasta party once a week with homemade sauce, organic cheese and fresh toppings.

Make simple soups with Homemade Chicken Stock and seasonal vegetables and meats. Add rice or pasta to the soup for a more filling and balanced meal.