Serve Your Family and Those In Need

50% of ALL REAL FOOD WEEKLY INCOME is donated monthly to Potter’s Field Ministries.

As passionate as we are about nourishing families and children, we are equally passionate about reaching families and children who need help physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Potter’s Field Ministries is a focused, intentional fusion of fiery evangelism, transformational missions, and lifestyle discipleship.  From the dynamic explanation of the Gospel by means of an artistic and real-life presentation of Jeremiah 18, to the groundbreaking international missions work affecting the lives of thousands of children, to the life-changing discipleship of the next generation, PFM is a unique paradox.  We are multi-dimensional but single minded, globally connected but personal, radically Biblical but relevant, and crucially different but familiar.

PFK_collageOne of the ways that Potter’s Field Ministries is transforming lives around the world is through our Potter’s Field Kids programs.  PFM partners with local Bible-believing and teaching churches in our international locations to co-labor in the lives of children.  In each Potter’s Field Kids location, missionaries work closely with the local pastors and churches, evaluating the most effective way of sharing the love of God with the children in that community. The goal of Potter’s Field Kids is to provide spiritual and physical nourishment to each child by reaching out to them with the truth of God’s Word, nutrition, education, and the hope of Christ shown through loving vessels. Every Potter’s Field Kids program is creatively tailored to touch each child in a way that is personally and culturally relevant.

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