Details and FAQ’s:

  • With the 4 meal recipes, extra recipes and suggested extras, we believe this formula is perfect for helping families stay on track nutritionally, but it’s not so overwhelming that you’ll get behind and quit the program!
  • Meals are created with whole, seasonal, nourishing ingredients that are packed with essential nutrients
  • Meals are nutritionally balanced (carbs/fat/protein) and satisfying
  • Recipes are created to support a traditional foods/whole foods diet, and specific diet plans including a Blood Sugar Regulation Diet and Low-Sugar Diet.  Other diets that easily fit with Real Food Weekly plans, but may require some ingredient substitutions, include Grain-free, Paleo, Weston A. Price Foundation, Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS), Gluten-free, The Maker’s Diet, and other related plans.
  • Grain-free options and substitutions are often noted on Real Food Weekly meal plans and recipes.
  • Preparation and cook times are noted on all recipes, and the plans include a timeline for make-ahead or early preparation directions.
  • Meals are designed for families of 4-6 grown people, but can be altered to serve more or less.
  • Meals are tested by a real husband and young kids, so they are designed to be family friendly, aka “kid friendly”, yet enjoyable for parents.
  • Recipes are easy to follow and often require 30 minutes of hands-on cooking time or less. Often 1 of the 4 dinner recipes requires more cooking time. A schedule is outlined on every Real Food Weekly plan and preparation and cooking times are noted on recipes.
  • Real Food Weekly meal plans usually include homemade recipes for sauces, condiments, and other things that can also be purchased pre-made.  The shopping lists will note what to buy if you want to make these more nutritious options at home, or if you just want to buy the pre-made option.
  • Sharing meal plans with your friends and family is strictly prohibited and is considered theft. Sharing Real Food Weekly Meal Plans is a way to put us out of business! If you think your friends and family will enjoy Real Food Weekly Meal Plans, send them here and encourage them to sign up! You can also become a Real Food Weekly Affiliate* and earn money by referring people to Real Food Weekly.


Due to the digital product nature of the Real Food Weekly product and All-Access membership program, REFUNDS ARE UNFORTUNATELY NOT OFFERED except in very limited cases. Before members can complete their registration and purchase, they agree to the NO REFUND policy of Real Food Weekly. If you are unsure of purchasing the lifetime membership, we recommend downloading the free sample Real Food Weekly meal plan or becoming a PAY-PER-POST member first.

More FAQ’s:

What kind of food is it?

The meal plans and recipes only use REAL whole foods, no processed or pre-made foods.  Whole foods refers to seasonal foods that are closest to their natural state, prepared properly, and served in a nutritional balanced combination.  Recipes generally feature a meat of some sort with various vegetables and sauces, and include various delicious flavors from Italian and European to Asian and Caribbean.  Grains and other carbohydrate foods are used in moderation and are properly prepared.  Meals are not designed to be vegetarian, though substitute ingredients may be used if desired.

Do the recipes fulfill special diet specifications?

Real Food Weekly plans are designed with the “traditional diet and preparations” model, and therefore are appropriate for most blood sugar regulation diets and low-carbohydrate diets.  Real Food Weekly also supports additional diet programs, but may require substitution of some ingredients, including Gluten-free, the GAPS diet (Gut and Psychology Syndrome), the Maker’s Diet, and other similar diet plans.  Specific notes will often be made in the meal plans and/or recipes to assist with specific diet regulations, specifically grain-free options, which would also mean they are gluten-free.

 Where can I shop?

Shopping lists are designed for shopping at any market that offers a variety of basic whole foods like organic produce and fresh meat and fish.  Supermarkets are fine, but tend to cost more because many basic organic foods are considered “specialty items.”  Trader Joe’s is a good option for shopping, if it is available, and will help you stick with a budget while generally fulfilling the shopping list items.  Health food stores, cooperative stores, farmer’s markets, and online organic food stores are also good options.  You may need to test your local options for the best prices and available products.  Visit the “Resources” page on our website for more information.

What does “Traditional” Foods mean?

For most of time, humans consumed diets based on foods in their most natural form, prepared with special methods to enhance nutritional value and digestibility.  These practices translated into pristine health and immunity.  Besides using only natural, un-processed ingredients, special preparation methods may include soaking, sprouting, culturing or fermenting.  Modern foods, such as refined grains and sugars, contain “anti-nutrients” that inhibit digestibility, immunity, and overall health.

What if I don’t want to follow all of the directions in the plan?

Because we know that not all families are ready to make everything from scratch, notes are often included in meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists for pre-made shortcuts that are available.  Of course, we do prefer that followers learn how easy and economical it is to learn to make many of these “base recipes”.  No foods that we consider to be damaging to health will be included in Real Food Weekly meal plans.

Why is this meal planning program better than others?

There are many REAL FOOD meal planning programs available all hoping to do one thing…enhance and improve the health of your family.  This one is another one of those wonderful programs!  You should be looking for a program that meets your family’s tastes, needs, and desires.  Here are the main reasons we think you’ll love Real Food Weekly the most:

  • Most meal planning programs are monthly subscription programs, which is how we ran Real Food Weekly for over 2 years. With so many delicious recipes and meal plans already published, we thought we could reach more people by offering a lifetime membership program so you can follow the plans in your own way. You also get access to the many future meal plans, holiday guides and special recipe plans that will be published for Real Food Weekly members only. You simply cannot get this much of a value in professional real food meal planning anywhere else on the Internet!
  • Our years of experience with meal planning has brought us to where we are with Real Food Weekly.  Four meals per week, with additional recipe options, is a reasonable amount for families to enjoy delicious homemade food, but actually stick to the program.  You are less likely to get behind on the plan and overwhelmed with new plans filling your mailbox and extensive shopping lists flooding your kitchen.
  • A professional Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), who is also a very good cook, is creating these recipes and plans, so you can be sure your family is getting delicious, truly nutritious food.
  • All recipes are tested by a hungry husband and extremely picky kids.  Much effort is made to ensure recipes please everyone.
  • We try to think of everything!  From substitute ingredients to alternate flavor ideas, our notes and suggestions help you make the most of Real Food Weekly by letting you adjust the plans for your tastes and lifestyle.