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    Real Food Weekly Meal Plans!

    Real Food Weekly: Real Food Weekly Meal Plans are a perfect way to keep your family on a whole food diet and lifestyle. Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Roz Mignogna (NTP), creates four dinner meals plus extra recipes every week that are wholesome, nourishing, nutritious and delicious.  Recipes focus on real, whole foods that are in perfect nutritional balance, [...]

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    Real Food Weekly Meal Plans!

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    Serve Your Family and Those In Need

    50% of ALL REAL FOOD WEEKLY INCOME is donated monthly to Potter’s Field Ministries. As passionate as we are about nourishing families and children, we are equally passionate about reaching families and children who need help physically, emotionally and spiritually. Potter’s Field Ministries is a focused, intentional fusion of fiery evangelism, transformational missions, and lifestyle [...]

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    Serve Your Family and Those In Need

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FREE Sample Meal Plan

Not sure if you’ll like it?   You can try it out first:   Click here to download your Sample Real Food Weekly Meal Plan! Just click on this link and you will see a sample PDF of Real Food Weekly Meal Plans. Each meal plan includes extra space for your recipe and shopping list [...]

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Enjoy the Recipes, Shop with Ease, Save Money….Take all the hassle out of eating well on a daily basis. Are you ready to make REAL FOOD a REALITY in your life? Click here to Sign Up!

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Nutritional Approach

Real Food Weekly meal plans are based on traditional food wisdom and use only whole, natural foods and are made completely from scratch. Real Food Weekly meal plans may include small amounts of bread, rice or pasta, but can easily be adapted for most Low-Sugar, Gluten-Free and Grain-Free diets. All of the recipes are naturally low-sugar and [...]

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How It Works

Real Food Weekly meal plans offer weekly whole food dinner recipes plus extra recipes like soups, desserts, leftover creations, nourishing additions, and more to help keep REAL FOOD a part of your family’s life. All Real Food Weekly meal plans and recipes are created by Roz Mignogna, certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and busy wife and mom.

Unlike other subscription-based meal plan programs, Real Food Weekly is an ALL-ACCESS MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM. Your ONE TIME PURCHASE gives you access to over 75 meal plans representing HUNDREDS of recipes that are already in the Real Food Weekly Meal Plan Library, PLUS FREE access to ALL FUTURE MEAL PLANS, holiday guides, and special extra recipe guides which are added frequently. All you have to do is log in then search for a meal plan you want to use. You can print meal plans whenever you want…no more getting behind with ongoing subscription programs!

If you are not ready to purchase the All-Access Membership, you can also become a PAY-PER-POST member. Simply register as a PAY-PER-POST member and pay $2 for each individual meal plan you want!

In addition to the great meal planning service Real Food Weekly offers to your family, 50% of EVERY DOLLAR WE RECEIVE is donated to Potter’s Field Ministries. 

By becoming a Real Food Weekly member, you not only invest in serving your family, but you are investing in serving children in need across the world. To learn more about Potter’s Field Ministries, click here.


Each REAL FOOD WEEKLY Meal Plan Includes:

Dinner Recipes

Every Real Food Weekly meal plan includes 4 original recipes for a full meal, which is typically meant for dinner. This meal will be nutritionally balanced and will often produce leftovers to use for other meals.

Extra Recipes

The extra recipes section include 2 or more recipes for Extra Meals, Desserts, Soups, Snacks, Condiments, Beverages, or Holiday Specials.

Nourishing Additions

For those wishing to practice traditional preparations and ways to make their food extra nutritious, Real Food Weekly includes 1-2 recipes per week plus planning notes for Nourishing Additions.

  • Nourishing Additions are Ultra-Nutritious and Healing Food Recipes.
  • Each Real Food Weekly meal plan includes special tips and suggestions in recipes and shopping lists to enhance your meals with extra nutrition
  • Nourishing Additions preparations may include soaking, culturing, fermenting, and sprouting.

Complete Shopping List

Every Real Food Weekly meal plan includes a complete shopping list including:

  • Everything you will need to make the recipes
  • Organization of shopping list items by the department of the grocery store (vegetables, fruit, fresh herbs, meat, dairy and eggs, pantry, specialty, etc.)
  • Extra space for you to add your own extra shopping list ingredients and items
  • Special notes for store-bought options, ingredients that are only needed for extra recipes, and reminders to buy ingredients for suggested extra meals

Planning Notes

Real Food Weekly meal plans make every effort to keep you prepared. Every meal plan includes planning notes for preparing ingredients and recipes ahead of time so foods will be ready when you need them.

Beautiful Pictures

We want to make sure you are excited to make the recipes and know what the final product is supposed to look like, so we include beautiful pictures of many of the recipes on the cover of each Real Food Weekly meal plan.


We want to make sure you are fully prepared to feed your family well every day of the week, so we also offer these extra guides:

  • Suggested Extra Meals: recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch and extra dinner meals
  • Nutrition Notes: learn why the foods and preparations on Real Food Weekly meal plans are so good for you!


You never have to think about what to eat again! Real Food Weekly does all the work…just PRINT, SHOP & COOK!



$85 All-Access Membership- One Time Purchase:

Access to ALL Real Food Weekly meal plans PLUS all future meal plans, holiday guides and special extra recipe guides which are added frequently.

$2 per meal plan as a PAY-PER-POST member (plus $5 yearly membership fee)


50% of ALL REAL FOOD WEEKLY INCOME is donated to Potter’s Field Ministries


Not sure if you’ll like it?  You can try it out first:


Click here to download your Sample Real Food Weekly Meal Plan!

More Details and FAQ’s:


  • With the 4 meal recipes, extra recipes and suggested extras, we believe this formula is perfect for helping families stay on track nutritionally, but it’s not so overwhelming that you’ll get behind and quit the program!
  • Meals are created with whole, seasonal, nourishing ingredients that are packed with essential nutrients
  • Meals are nutritionally balanced (carbs/fat/protein) and satisfying
  • Recipes are created to support a traditional foods/whole foods diet, and specific diet plans including a Blood Sugar Regulation Diet and Low-Sugar Diet.  Other diets that easily fit with Real Food Weekly plans, but may require some ingredient substitutions, include Grain-free, Paleo, Weston A. Price Foundation, Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS), Gluten-free, The Maker’s Diet, and other related plans.
  • Grain-free options and substitutions are often noted on Real Food Weekly meal plans and recipes.
  • Preparation and cook times are noted on all recipes, and the plans include a timeline for make-ahead or early preparation directions.
  • Meals are designed for families of 4-6 grown people, but can be altered to serve more or less.
  • Meals are tested by a real husband and young kids, so they are designed to be family friendly, aka “kid friendly”, yet enjoyable for parents.
  • Recipes are easy to follow and often require 30 minutes of hands-on cooking time or less. Often 1 of the 4 dinner recipes requires more cooking time. A schedule is outlined on every Real Food Weekly plan and preparation and cooking times are noted on recipes.
  • Real Food Weekly meal plans usually include homemade recipes for sauces, condiments, and other things that can also be purchased pre-made.  The shopping lists will note what to buy if you want to make these more nutritious options at home, or if you just want to buy the pre-made option.
  • Sharing meal plans with your friends and family is strictly prohibited and is considered theft. Sharing Real Food Weekly Meal Plans is a way to put us out of business! If you think your friends and family will enjoy Real Food Weekly Meal Plans, send them here and encourage them to sign up! You can also become a Real Food Weekly Affiliate* and earn money by referring people to Real Food Weekly.
  • Due to the digital product nature of the Real Food Weekly product and lifetime membership program, REFUNDS ARE UNFORTUNATELY NOT OFFERED except in very limited cases. Before members can complete their registration and purchase, they agree to the NO REFUND policy of Real Food Weekly. If you are unsure of purchasing the lifetime membership, we recommend downloading the free sample Real Food Weekly meal plan or becoming a PAY-PER-POST member first.